Instruments & Sensors

Turning energy savings into profits!

Instruments & Sensors

One of the fundamental actions required to improve energy efficiency is to measure and verify how efficiently energy is being used.

The data from accurate measurement will provide the knowledge to hone energy efficiency skills and also provide data to develop a reliable financial business case that can motivate management to invest with confidence.

M&V Pte Ltd supplies and installs a host of high-accuracy instruments:

  • Temperature measurement (±0.013°C measurement uncertainty)
  • Pressure measurement (±0.25% of FS accuracy)
  • Refrigerant leak detection (±1ppm accuracy)
  • Humidity measurement (±1% RH accuracy)
  • Water flow measurement (±0.25% accuracy)
  • Air flow measurement (±2% accuracy)
  • Data loggers (16 bit A/D resolution)
  • Power meters and current transformers (Class 0.5 accuracy)

M&V Pte Ltd offers equipment from:


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