CAG, JRP, and M&V celebrate Changi Airport T2 air-con system upgrade with 40km bicycle ride

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CAG, JRP, and M&V celebrate Changi Airport T2 air-con system upgrade with 40km bicycle ride

December 01, 2023

On 1 December 2023, seven employees from Measurement & Verification Pte Ltd (M&V) pedalled some 40km across Singapore to commemorate the successful completion of two projects to upgrade CAG’s air-conditioning system. 

M&V was awarded both the airside contract and waterside contract in 2021, with the airside contract ending on 31 March 2023 and the waterside contract concluding on 30 November 2023. The successful deployment of the new systems translated to an abatement of 8,800 tons of CO2 a year. 

The bicycle ride started at Changi Airport Terminal 2 — where the new air-conditioning systems were installed — and ended at M&V’s office in Boon Lay. Another six employees from M&V participated in a 4km section of the ride.


Preparing to set off from Changi Airport (from left: Vimal, Teja, Steven Kang, Khamini, Marcus, Ching Yip, and James)

A bicycle ride was chosen as it is an efficient and sustainable mode of transportation, said Er Steven Kang, M&V Managing Director. These values resonated with the project team, who sought to ensure that the systems were both efficient and kind to the environment. 

James Ow, Project Engineer for the airside project, felt excited when he heard about the ride. “It will be a worthy challenge to commemorate the successful completion of both projects,” he said. 

The 40km ride, which took three hours to complete, saw the group cycling against the backdrop of Singapore’s lush landscape at East Coast Park and on park connectors.


The 40km ride saw the cyclists pedalling against the backdrop of Singapore’s lush greenery

Speaking of the feat, Marcus Lee, Asst Project Engineer for both the airside and waterside upgrading works, said, “I was very happy that I was able to complete the entire ride without giving up even when my leg had cramps.” 

The Energy Management System customised for Terminal 2 not only improved energy efficiency but reliability and manpower productivity as well. 

Er Kang said that the goal of the project was to improve energy efficiency by 33% but this goal was surpassed by the final achievement of more than 41%. “Such a big improvement was possible due to detailed engineering, excellent project execution, as well as the smart energy management system that synergises the airside and waterside performance holistically to deliver the best energy efficiency possible.” Paying tribute to CAG, he added, “A key success factor was an enlightened client, who partnered us in terms of engineering, project management, innovation, and calculated risks.” 

Er Kang shared that the tremendous improvement in energy efficiency called for astute use of physics, thermodynamics, and real-life measurements during the design stage. “Our dedicated and competent engineers pay meticulous attention to engineering details and work diligently,” he added. M&V also took pains to develop a positive relationship based on good faith and trust to build team spirit with CAG; JRP, the project consultant; and DLM, the project sub-contractor.


More cyclists joined the initial group enroute to M&V (from left: Lay Hiang, Ching Yip, Max, Teja, Thant Zaw, Steven Kang, Vimal, Manoj, Khamini Chandran, Chow, and Terence)

M&V aspires to add even more value to CAG as the company continues to improve the energy efficiency and reliability of the airport’s air-conditioning system, as well as productivity of the maintenance crew.

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