The Star, seeing Green

Turning energy savings into profits!

The Star, seeing Green

February 06, 2023

In an interview with Malaysian news platform The Star published on 30 January 2023, Measurement & Verification Pte Ltd (M&V) Managing Director Er Steven Kang shared that currently, buildings in Malaysia consume much more energy than their counterparts across the Causeway. 

As such, there is scope for M&V to provide their customised solutions to properties in Malaysia, enabling them to achieve a more sustainable level of energy usage. This will help the country to move closer to their target of net-zero energy by 2050. Er Kang has set his sights on some of the largest buildings in Kuala Lumpur and has already embarked on setting up discussions with them. 

Eventually, he hopes to export the company’s engineering expertise beyond Malaysia, to countries in the region including Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand. 

Read the full news article here.

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