M&V Thermistor

M&V Thermistor

thermistor 1   thermistor 2

Thermistors are individually calibrated to an uncertainty of ±0.013°C

  • Thermistors are calibrated at three points using
  • A Triple Point of Water Cell (0.0100oC),
  • A Gallium Cell (24.7646oC) and
  • A Precision Water Bath (15.000oC). 
  • Comply to Singapore Green Mark Standard and Singapore Standard SS591: Code of Practice for Long Term Measurement of Central Chilled Water System Energy Efficiency.
  • The active sensing element is a highly stable and sensitive thermistor. The thermistor is sealed with a thermally conductive epoxy compound in a 8″ or 12″ long SS316 stainless steel tube of 3.2mm outer diameter. The Thermistor is soldered to PTFE insulated lead wires.

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